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What I learned about people while traveling…

Whether you travel regularly or once in a while, any mode of public transportation is filled with incredible opportunities to learn about people.  On a recent trip to Vancouver (the pic below is an awesome statue in the airport), I learned several lessons that apply to many people no matter the context. People like to […]

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How to Let Go of Grudges

Let’s face it sometimes we are hurt by people and at other times we hurt people.  It’s not intentional (well, most times).  In Matthew 18:21, Peter asks Jesus a question about this very thing.  “Then Peter came up and said to him, “Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many […]

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Marriage from Good to Bad

I published a post yesterday about 5 Marriage Lessons from a Faulty Fridge.  Thanks for reading and sharing.  It was the most viewed post of the year thus far.  Clearly it struck a chord with many.  I continue to receive emails with comments, encouragements, disappoints, and questions.  As a follow up and further encouragement, this is […]

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5 Marriage Lessons from a Faulty Fridge

Last week our refrigerator decided it needed a vacation.  We woke up one morning to find that our freezer was not cooling as well as the refrigerator side as well.  So we began the cumbersome process of relocating all of our food to an older fridge located in our garage.  I unplugged the faulty fridge […]

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A Quote to Consider

God’s scorecard is different from ours. He judges not by money, statistics, or fame, but by the state of our hearts and our desire to serve Him. God calls us to be faithful, not “successful.” – Tony Dungy

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Thursday Thoughts: When Conflict Happens

In a few weeks, I will be preaching from Matthew 18:15-35 on dealing with conflict.  Unfortunately, conflict happens.  Conflict happens in marriage and families.  Conflict happens in businesses and politics.  Conflict even happens in churches (I know this may surprise some).  Conflict creates discomfort and tension in relationships.  My default response is to dislike conflict. […]

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