Just Plain Cranky

My mother was from a rather large family. Hence I was blessed with a lot of aunts. And bless their hearts, several of them used to get together with my mother at least once a month, getting together meaning  going shopping at the local mall, topped off by doing lunch. My work being only a […]

7 Lessons from Two Decades of Ministry

It’s hard to imagine that this year I have had the humbling opportunity to serve in full-time vocational ministry for 22 years.  During this time God has blessed us with serving some amazing churches in Tennessee, Texas, and Florida.  I have always strived to be a learner.  Rick Warren once said that “leaders are learners.” […]

What I learned about people while traveling…

Whether you travel regularly or once in a while, any mode of public transportation is filled with incredible opportunities to learn about people.  On a recent trip to Vancouver (the pic below is an awesome statue in the airport), I learned several lessons that apply to many people no matter the context. People like to […]