Friday Fun Facts 8.19

Welcome to another edition of Friday Fun Facts.  Ten tidbits of useless trivia that is sure to make your friends think you have WAYYYY too much time on your hands. Four wheel roller skates were invented by James L. Plimpton in 1863. The cucumber, eggplant, the pumpkin, the squash, the tomao, the gherkin, and okra […]


When Faith Falters

Every evening our television is turned to the Olympics.  If you have been watching, the track & field events have been televised this week.  It is incredible to see how fast the Olympic athletes are – especially those who run hurdles.  It is beautiful when they run well.  It is hard to watch when they […]


Worship on Wednesday

Sunday evenings at Salem we have been walking through the Book of Revelation.  I have been thinking much about Heaven.  This song has been continually on my heart as a result.  I See the light!     Lyrics There’s a sun coming up In my soul, Lord, in my soul There’s a sun coming up […]

Dealing with High-Voltage People

Have you ever encountered a “difficult” person in the course of a day?  The Lord is continuing to teach me that I must learn to deal with difficult people without always having conflict.  Why?  James 3:18 is a powerful reminder.   “And a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.” (James […]