Worship on Wednesday

Welcome to another Worship on Wednesday post.  Monday I wrote about doing whatever God tells us to do and how sometimes it’s like following in the fog (read more).  I have been reflecting on that concept much this week.  Regardless of what He leads me to do or allows me to experience, will it be […]

Taste Test Tuesday

Welcome to another Taste Test Tuesday post!  I love to share recent recipes we have tried at home and loved.  Today I want to share my version on a White Chicken Chili recipe I discovered through Pinterestt at Lil’ Luna.  Plenty of ways to make it milder or spicier depending upon your preference.  Enjoy! Ingredients […]


The Fog

There are days and seasons where following God feels more like walking in the fog than a clear sky.  The fact is most times He calls me to trust Him regardless of what I cannot see (or can). In John 2:5, Mary, the mother of Jesus, makes a profound statement to a group of servants who […]